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Betta Landscaping

A good quality mulch encourages the growth of worms and other beneficial organisms in your garden soil. Betta Landscape Supplies only stocks top quality mulches to give your garden the best chance. We offer several types of organic mulches including Cypress Mulches, which are used extensively for their termite resistant qualities.

Betta Landscape Supplies are a leading supplier of mulches from small meterage for those weekend home jobs to bulk tonnage for large scale commercial scaping.

Other mulches include:

  • Tee Tree
  • Forest Mulch
  • Sugar Cane Bales
  • 20LT Bags
  • Cypress Fine (Blend) - Natural Termite Resistance
  • Cypress Chip - Natural Termite Resistance



Betta Variety

With more than a dozen varieties of pebble to choose from the opportunity to create that unique look in your own garden is just one stop away. Our team here at Betta Landscaping can help you with friendly advice when it comes to practically applying pebbles to your home landscaping.

  • Tumble Sandstone 40/70mm
  • Crushed Sandstone 40mm
  • River Pebble 20mm
  • River Pebble 25/75mm
  • River Pebble 100/200mm (Gabion)
  • White/Black Ash 20/40mm
  • White Crush 10/20mm
  • Off White 10/20mm
  • One Man Sandstone 300/400mm
  • Exotic Polished Pebbles 20kg bags



betta advice

Sand comes in several varieties and has uses to numerous to mention. Available from 20 Lt bags up to bulk amounts our competitive pricing will have you returning with the rest of our valued clients to see the respected team from Betta Landscaping Supplies.

If your on the Gold Coast and you need sand, make the Betta choice and you won't be let down. Call us on (07) 5593 7005.

  • Brickies Loam
  • Plaster Sand
  • Fine River Sand
  • Course River Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • All 20 lt Bags



Betta Choice

We provide a full service to our customers here at Betta Landscape Supplies. Part of that commitment to service is to provide a complete range of blue metals. These materials make up the foundations of quality work. Get the right price, direction and advice on your selection of gravels and blue metals. For great trade rates drop by or call Betta Landscape Supplies today on (07) 5593 7005.

  • 20mm Drainage Gravel
  • Road Base
  • Concrete Blend
  • Crusher Dust



betta quality

Quality soils are a must for anyone serious about getting the most from their garden, turf etc. With good quality soils and top dressing so often being the difference between the success or failure of gardening projects big and small it is crucial you seek advice of experts. Able to cater for weekend gardeners to contract landscapers get the advice and quality product you need from Betta Landscape Supplies.

  • Ultra Garden
  • Under Turf
  • Top Dressing
  • 20lt Bags
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